The Book Under The Rowan Tree

In your hands, you hold a book. A simple, black notebook with worn edges. A plain notebook that contains a multitude of worlds, each with their own stories, just waiting to be told.

Welcome to The Book Under The Rowan Tree. Within, you will find where I give voices to the characters that reside in my mind, as well as stories ranging from epic sagas to silly little pieces.

Prophecies and Truths

Two brothers, seeking an answer to the shadow darkening their homeland. The answer seems to lie in a prophecy, one that may not come to fruition for a century or more. Yet, how much can mere words predict, and how much can be misinterpreted?


The one thing Quinn needed to do was to get off of this planet. Problem was, they had to get off undetected. Not an easy thing to do, when said planet was a hotly contested resource between two warring factions. Still, surely there were others who were in a similar situation…maybe allies could be found in unlikely places.

The Achilles Project

Cycle 25734.751.5 Entry 129: Finally escaped the planet. The others are scattered among the stars. It will take time to gather the resources to find them, but once I do, the rebellion will live.

Co-written with the wonderful Michelle Austin.  Her writing can be found at The Little Gentian

Promptly Written

A collection of short stories based off of, well, prompts. They are a way to challenge myself to write in unfamiliar territory, and who knows what they might inspire.

Words Have Voices

Stories and musings from characters that don’t yet have a home, or little side-stories from characters that refuse to be quiet. Expect lots of these to be from my TTRPG characters.